Ambassador Of UAE HamadSaeed Al Shamsi
Minister Elie Mourani
Minister Alain Hakim
Prime Minister Saad Hariri
Deputy Nazih Najem
Ambassador Of Kuwait Abdel Aal Al Qunai
Ambassador Of Russia Rudakov Alexander Nikolaevich
Minister of Tourism Avadis Ghadanian
Iraqi Governor
Minister Wael Abou Faour
Head of Interpol Elias Murr
General Othman
with commander of the Lebanese army, General Jean Kahwaji on July 2015
His Excellency Prime Minister Tamam Salam July 2015
Baghdad Government -May 2015-Iraq
With Mayor of Baghdad Dr.Thikra Alwash May 2015-Iraq
Governor of Baghdad May 2015-Iraq
With the Governor and the head Governor of Baghdad in May 2015 Iraq
with commander of the Lebanese army, General Jean Kahwaji on November 2014
with Future Movement Secretary General Ahmad Hariri May 2015
Head of union municipalities
with Governor fouad fleyfel December 2014
with Deputy georges Edwan
With president Amine Gemayel on october 2013
With Governor of Central Bank of Lebanon - Riad Salameh on April 2015
With Minister of tourism Mr Michel Pharoun December 2014
With Wlid Jumblatt and the KDP Delegation
Prime Minister Ayad Aalawe July 2013
With Governor of KRG November 2014
With KRG Minister of Interior Karim Sinjari on November 2014
With President Michel Suleman on April 2015
With Minister Ziad Baroud on April 2015